Recording Studio




The Finca and Studio is centrally located in the middle of the island of Fuerteventura, nestled between hills and extinct volcanoes.
In addition to the fully air-conditioned sound control room and the recording room, a chill out area and diner is available for relaxing, jamming and warm playing.

Here one can work highly focused and in peace and seclusion. However, the sea and the tourist centers are only 20 to max. 50 minutes away if you need to take a break and replenish the creative spirits.

The studio guests have their own guest apartment for 4, or max. 6 persons.
The daily studio rates include accommodation and full board, with fresh meals cooked daily.
My beautiful wife Nicola will be your host here. She will be your contact for all tasks around your layover, and exploring the Island. Nicola is also a Chef, and her great fresh cooked meals will surprise you each and every day during your stay.

Drinks are charged according to consumption.
We are also happy to organize a hotel stay if required, the daily rate is then reduced accordingly.
The prices always depend on the individual project, number of studio days and number of persons.

Due to the year-round mild climate, the studio is an oasis of peace and creativity at any time of the year.
Especially in the cold and rainy autumn and winter days in Europe, a creative stay here is just perfect.
Be productive and at the same time take a vacation and relax.

Whether for composing, songwriting, pre-production, single or album production or mastering,
Andy's Recording Studio offers all conditions for a successful production.

The finca and studio are supplied with 100% "green" energy. An extensive solar photovoltaic system incl. electricity storage is installed and provides clean electricity all year round.

Fuerteventura can be reached from all major European cities in 4 to 5 hours.
Airport shuttle service here in Fuerteventura is included in the price.
A car can be rented on site, or the in-house studio jeep can be booked for a day trip to the sea.