Recording Studio



Hi, I am Andy Down, I have over 20 years experience in the recording studio as a sound engineer and producer



For 10 years I also worked Front of House and was the sound engineer responsible for a mega star that was hot at the time.  
As a sound engineer I worked on several top chart hits and helped with productions of all kinds of genres.  I have always kept a low profile about my contribution to individual tracks and albums, having been a studio owner for many years and involved on the business side as well.

Once you get to know me, I hope you'll find that I know what I'm talking about :)  I love all kinds of guitar music and that's my absolute specialty here in the studio as well.  I am passionate about guitars!  More than 50 guitars and over 12 tube amps of every kind are available for the official guitar sound.

As a producer I work from blues to metal and can also contribute as a musician if required.
As a sound engineer I am happy to deliver results for every kind of music,
leaning on my experience in the professional music world.

I work with my tools in the studio very creatively and not purely technically
The technology must serve the music and not vice versa

My service extends from the first demo recording right through to editing, mixing and mastering
Projects can be initiated and started at any stage
If recordings and tracks already exist, they can be edited, mixed and mastered here
Even already recorded songs can get the final touch, the "right" mix and my solid signature sound 

Remote collaboration is also possible. I have all the latest collaboration tools and platforms at my disposal!

But I can't do magic either and as a professional I do need to reserve the right to refuse projects if the delivered material is not sufficient to reach a desired goal in my opinion!

Getting a good vibe going makes for good music! Having a good connection with my clients is really important to me!
That's why every project starts with a free trial day for my clients.
Here we can get to know each other and decide whether we want to work together further.


For inquiries of any kind please contact me via email or phone.
+49 173 6726791
+34 645979929